Yesterday’s outfit and weekend plans

Fashion,24 May 2019

Hi, it’s raining and as usual, I love it. Ha-ha, so refreshing and calming. Today, I spent the morning at Relove. Have you tried it yet? I have my stuff there for sale until tomorrow, but I love the café as well! I was there yesterday and again today, because you know, I’m kind of on vacation ;D. I know I keep repeating that, but I can’t help myself from feeling SO happy!

This morning, a had a meeting with a wonderful woman I’ve just gotten to know. I’m very selective with friends but strongly believe that” you know when you know”, and this woman just has that something extra; a lot of warmth, charisma and inner glow.

As I mentioned earlier, I was contemplating on whether to go to the cottage this weekend or not, but since it’s going to rain all weekend, we decided to stay home. I promised to make pancakes and hang out with friends here instead. Maybe it’s time to return to yoga as well? What are you up to this weekend?

knit designers remix// dress iro// sneakers ecco

Pictures by Janita Autio

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