Yesterday’s brunch in Stockholm

Travel,7 March 2018

Just came back from yoga that I forced myself to go to today. My head is aching and I’m completely exhausted, but yoga was exactly what my mind needed-refocus and calmness.

Yesterday morning I walked into the airport around 8 am. Me and my colleagues Hanna, Linda and Metti were invited to Stockholm by Soft Goat cashmere for a California themed brunch. It was a relaxed, intimate and casual event. The perfect little mini getaway! Also, the brunch by Stockholm Brunch Club was to die for. Highly recommend visiting if you’re ever in Stockholm.

I’m a cashmere lover and live in my cashmere knits around the year, therefore I for sure didn’t leave empty handed. I got myself a couple new basic knits I know I’ll wear until they fall apart, literally. Talk about good cost per use! Cashmere is a savior for my sensitive skin. It breathes and keeps me warm and is completely non-itchy. Softs Goat’s Spring collection was filled with different textures and beautiful colors. I especially love the chunkier ones.

Our trip went by fast, but on our way home there were some technical issues with the aircraft. So, we flew for an hour, but landed back in Stockholm again. I wasn’t home until midnight, but at least I did my best today to get back on track again. Healthy breakfast, kiddo’s and some mindfulness does wonders ;).


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