Fashion,Outfit,20 February 2018

I must say, white is a difficult color to wear, but as I seem to be the all or nothing kind of person I like to make a thing out of it and dress in white from head to toe. I wore this set in Copenhagen a while back. For the Victor& Rolf for Zalando show. Black details give the soft look some edge and contrast, which I like.

The kids are off from daycare this week and hubby caught a cold and to be honest I haven’t been at my best either. We had all kinds of plans for the week, but now we have to reassess and see if he gets better soon or if we should just stay home and rest. Luckily, the winter weather is perfect so me and the kids have spent lots of time outdoors.

However, today I have to work and get things done. I’ve been more or less disconnected from social media and my electronic devices for a couple of days. Time to get back to it.

shirt hm// trousers andiata// shoes louboutin// bag louis vuitton

Pictures by Janita Autio


  • Anna

    Moikka! Mikä huulipuna ja sävy sinulla on huulilla? 😊

  • Ebeth

    Thanks so much for the post.Really thank you! Great.

  • ixonatyt

    A great list, but I have to disagree with a few of these if we”re talking accumulation and making memories. Even as an adult, I find myself receiving a ton of clothes, mugs, memory books, decor, etc. that accumulate every holiday/birthday with gift-giving. And every year I am cleaning out old stuff just to replace it with new stuff that will just enter the cycle of stuff. Kids will be the same way and there are many kids who might see the clothes, mugs, memory books, etc. as “grown up/boring gifts and these can (and will) accumulate in the dusty corner of their rooms just like the toys if they don”t like them. Overall, if you really want to give these kids experiences over stuff, I would really just give them the tickets to parks, museums, etc., arts and crafts, or even low-cost sports equipment as suggested. Of course, every kid is different so some kids might need more stuff like clothes, towels, etc. than others. Just be careful when deciding what kind of memory you want to give to your kid.

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