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Fashion,13 April 2019

Hi loves, I’ve missed you. This Saturday has been super. We kicked off the day with arts and craft at Ateneum followed by salmon soup, birthday party and playdate. Now, I’ve just washed my face and I’m trying to keep myself awake and create the mood for going out tonight. We are starting off with dinner and then I’m hoping to make it all the way to some sort of bar, hehe. After all, we are all mothers and kind of sleep deprived, but luckily my friends are much more energetic, wild and crazy than me, so at least I’m in the best company.

I just realized that I promised to do the vintage shop guide for you already some time ago, so here I’m listing my favorite shops:

Designer Vintage. I have purchased many many items here and find it very trust worthy. The selection is not huge; therefore I find it easier to browse through. I’ve also sold some items through the platform myself, and they did a thorough check up both regarding authenticy, documents and pictures.

DesignerWishBags. Extremely trust worthy and super service! I’ve only bought through this site once, but this site it super professional and safe.

Facebook groups. What I like is the possibility to make purchases, swap and sell within Finland. Preferably face to face.

Vestiaire Collective. I’ve purchased shoes, coats, dresses and jewelry through this site, and some have been more successful than others, but overall I don’t have any complaints. It’s a huge site and perfect to search for items from older collections. However, the delivery time can take forever, and I wouldn’t buy super valuable items through this site due to the massive selection and its reputation of not always being fully trustworthy when it comes to authenticy.

Now I have to get myself ready. Wish us party mamas good luck ;)!

top and skirt elseadeliadubai// sandals and bag zara

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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