When I became a liker

personal,4 October 2015

Instagram, blogs, facebook, you name it. We have so many social media forums we collect likes, validation and want to get more or less seen in. I think a lot about the effect these kind of forums have on us and our children, and I go back and forth between not knowing whether to hate it or love it. Hiding behind the screen obviously makes it a lot easier to bully others and say mean things that never would be said out loud face to face. Writing in general also leaves more space for misunderstandings since body language, tone of voice and facial expressions are left out.

I still can’t help myself from thinking how lucky we are to live in a time where we can be so connected to the world as we are right now. We are offered so many possibilities and freedom to choose, thanks to social media. Everyone gets a possibility to put oneself out there, get seen in the way we want and connect with others.


I have to say that I would never have imagined how much positivity, encouragement and love I could get simply by blogging a bit about my everyday life and share some pictures. I get kind, genuinely supportive and encouraging comments and emails every day, both from people I know and complete strangers. I have never experienced anyone wanting to hurt my feelings on purpose.

What I really value is when I see people I barely know but also friends and people I’m familiar with  share their support towards my work. It’s not about counting likes or anything like that. It’s about showing support and to encourage. I appreciate it a lot and want to become better at it myself. I really admire the generosity people have who like and comment on my posts and pictures and best of all have the courage to say something face to face. It is brave and kind to be supportive in that way, especially when it’s so easy not to act and be silent and unseen. Sometimes not liking or commenting means more than simply showing your support by giving a thumbs up.

A couple of weeks ago when I scrolled through my Facebook I came to realize how many talented people I’m surrounded by. My Facebook feed is full of artists, designers, chef’s, writers, photographers, models entrepreneurs, families, travelers and extremely talented people with all kinds of skills and knowledge. I see their golden moments, success stories and happiest times on my Facebook, and I feel pride and happiness for all of us doing our own thing. In the end, we’re all just trying to make it in life and be happy.

On the contrary, I think it is important to keep in mind that every comment online should be something we would say face to face and in real life. It is easy to through up nasty things to someone online, but it is as easy to say big words and go overboard with compliments we don’t necessarily genuinely mean . I think it is important to keep in mind that nice comments are nice, but would you say the same things to the person in real life? I hope so and I know I have to get better at both. I have to speak my mind when I see or experience things I like, because giving validation, honest compliments and showing support means a lot and can make someones entire day in the exact same way a negative comment can ruin someones day. It is not about boosting ones ego, but sometimes it’s nice to know that what you do, are passionated about, present and choose to share doesn’t pass by unnoticed. Sharing is caring, and sharing bits and pieces of our lives is something beautiful and something we should show our appreciation for. The more we share the more we inspire with our differences, and the less lonely we feel since we might see that the world is open and there is room for everyone in it.


Picture by J. Tuliniemi


  • Meredith

    I love the “atmosphere” that your blog has (if you know what I mean). I think that big part that is your loving and positive attitude towards everything in life. This blog always makes me feel good and happy to notice that you get so much positive support comments from your readers. Girl power rules <3!!!

    • Sofia Ruutu

      i love the atmosphere too! I don’t create it myself, we all do! I would have never ever imagine how much genuine and heart warming support I get from all of you. Truly thankful <3

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