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Fashion,Outfit,15 April 2018

I went out for a spontaneous late-night snack with my girlfriend last night. We tried out YesYesYes, which I really liked! It’s a vegetarian restaurant/ bar with delicious snacks and foods. I think it became a new favorite of mine! That rarely happens since I usually stick to old patterns once I go out. I highly recommend trying it out. Although, it seemed like I was the last one on the ball considering how full it was yesterday. Lovely and lively atmosphere and the halloumi fingers were to die for!

This weather though, how perfect can it be?Today we’re going shopping for the kids and picking out a birthday gift for a friend of ours who’s birthday party we are attending later today. Family themed weekend continues. It’s been wonderful.

blazer vintage chanel// top kappahl// jeans veromoda// boots zara// bag louis vuitton

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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