Fashion,Outfit,14 August 2016

Hello there. Is everyone at flow this weekend? I’m not and to be honest I’ve never been either. I guess I’m not the festival type, although I’m sure it’s an amazing happening. Instead, I’ve been solo parenting this week and weekend. It’s the perfect time to get things done on my check list and do fun trips and activities with the kids.

I’ve also done my accounting and made plans and juggled ideas for the outlook on this blog. If you have any great ideas, suggestions or preferences please let me know. I know what I like, but this blog is for you and me together. So your input is super important.

Just a quick comment regarding this outfit. While shooting this with Janita she told me this is exactly the outfit she considered as me. Say what? I never wear light blue jeans and even though I love flares I rarely wear them. Anyhow, it’s just funny how other people see us. She’s too funny though. My dear Janita :).

IMG_1858-2 IMG_1849 IMG_1867

top zara// jeans lindex// shoes louboutin// sunglasses giorgio armani

Pictures by Janita Autio



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