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Beauty,13 June 2016
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Summer is here and so is the sun. As a quite fair skinned person I want to make sure I stay protected from harmful sun rays while still being able to enjoy spending time in the sun in a safe way. I don’t get tanned at all. I only get freckles or a sunburn, therefore I make sure to always use protection. Having fresh and beautifully smooth skin is in my opinion way better than having a tan that may be unhealthy and harmful in many ways.

With age I also find that spending time in the sun may leave unwanted marks on the skin which is why I find it so important to always use sunscreen all around the year. I make sure my daytime moisturizer protects me from the sun and during holidays and other times I know I’ll be spending most time outdoors I have a separate sunscreen lotion for both face and body.

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Most importantly I never use sunscreen with spf under 30. 30 is usually enough, but like every sunscreen it is important to remember that is has to be re-applied along the day. Especially when in contact with water. I am extremely picky when it comes to the consistent and feeling of the lotion. I need it to to be non sticky and light on the skin.

When collaborating with Hawaiian Tropic I was happy to notice that their products feel smooth and soft on the skin. They don’t leave a greasy surface and the formula is easily absorbed into the skin.

The Silk Hydration Air Soft Lotion with spf 50 is perfect for the body, making sure you are able to relax and enjoy being in the sun safely. It also comes with spf 15 and 30. It is oil free, water resistant up to 80 minutes, moisturizing up to 12 hours and has a tropical fragrance. Another thing I find to be important is that it comes in a pump bottle making it a lot more hygienic. There is also a Silk Hydration Lotion intended especially for the face.

Being in the sun may make the skin dry, therefore applying moisturizer is important also after the sunscreen has been washed off. The Ultra Radiance After Sun Pump Lotion soothes, softens and make the skin radiant and glow. It also helps preserve the tan.

Being outdoors enjoying summer is what we’ve been eagerly waiting for all year. It’s wonderful and joyful, but let’s make sure we use protection. That way we are able to enjoy our tan, youthful skin and beautiful summers for as long as possible.


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Pictures by Dora Dalila



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