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Fashion,Outfit,17 January 2018

Sitting at the airport with a green smoothie bowl and fluffy cappuccino in front of me while I’m trying to work, but there’s something wrong with my eyes. Must be something in my contacts that makes my vision super blurry. I can’t come up with anything more annoying than traveling with only one set of contacts which are faulty. Super frustrating! I mean either I’m blind or then I feel like I have sand in my eyes. Difficult to choose. Although, our last trip was quite uncomfortable as well since we managed to catch the stomach flu. No wonder I don’t feel tempted to travel so much. Home is definitely best for old, bitter ladies like me ;D.

Speaking of eyes and vision I want to ask you something. Since you are the best ones to turn to when in doubt, I’m wondering if any of you have been through lasik eye surgery? I’ve been considering it for some time now, but it hasn’t been an option for me during pregnancies and breast feeding. I’m either pregnant or breast feeding right now, so this would be the perfect time to proceed with the process, but I guess I’m procrastinating it because I find it a bit scary. My eyes are super sensitive and dry as it is. I’m afraid lasik surgery will make them even more dry and uncomfortable and what if something goes wrong? I would love to hear your honest thoughts and experiences if you’ve done it.

More importantly, I need to praise this weather! It’s cold yes, but the sun has been shining and I’m feeling good wrapped up like a burrito in all my warmest winter coats, beanies and scarves! I’m a super warm person, therefore I rarely wear super chunky coats and knits unless it’s super cold. And, now it is. Let’s celebrate that!

Have a nice day sweethearts!

coat andiata// scarf and beanie balmuir// jeans mango// bag givenchy// sunglasses ray ban// gloves glitter


  • Lisa

    Well, I have no experience concerning lasik eye surgery myself, but I know a few people who had it and they all would do it again! All of them are super happy with it. It’s only the first three days after the surgery which feel a bit uncomfortable, but what are three days compared to a glasses free life? :D Normally, you get a lot of eye drops after the surgery with which you don’t have to economize, so I guess you don’t have to mind dry eyes :)

    • Sofia Ruutu

      Me too! Only heard good experiences. I’m really gonna look into this and hopefully I’ll be able to go through with the surgery soon!

  • Minna

    I had my surgery ten years ago and it was the best decision of my life. I had really bad sight and couldnt go anywhere without glasses or contacts and then, a couple of hours after the surgery I was able to see!! My eyes felt dry for the first months but you get drops for that, now theyre just fine. If your eyesight has been the same for years then you should be fine for years to come, but if it’s getting worse all the time it will continue doing that after the surgery as well. My friend had a surgery but she had to get glasses again as her eyesight was still getting worse and wasnt steady enough. But highly recommended from my side!

    • Sofia Ruutu

      Great to hear! I’ve ONLY heard super positive experiences as well. Do you remember where you had your done?or, have you heard any recommendations of good clinics? I have been tested many times and apparently I’m a good candidate. My eyesight has been the same for years.

  • Tuuli

    Moikka Sofia! Olipa hauska sattuma, että luin tämän nyt, sillä kävin juuri tänään Helsingin Silmäsairaalassa ensimmäisessä alustavassa laserleikkaus-hoitoarviossa. Seuraavaksi edessä silmäkirurgin tutkimus, joka tekisi leikkauksen, jos siihen päädytään… Olen itsekin miettinyt leikkausta vaikka miten pitkään, mutta en ole uskaltanut edistää asiaa mitenkään, sillä olen pelännyt kovasti riskejä. Minulla on myös kuivat ja herkät silmät ja tämän takia en voi käyttää piilareita niin paljon kuin haluaisin, joten olisi ihanaa päästä laseista eroon! :) Tietysti jokaisen tilanne on yksilöllinen ja eri ihmisten silmät voivat reagoida leikkaukseen eri lailla, mutta minullakin moni tuttu (mm. isäni ja hyviä kavereita) on tehnyt laserleikkauksen ja kaikki heistä ovat sanoneet, että menisivät uudelleen ja moni on kehunut elämänsä parhaaksi päätökseksi. Tsemppiä sinulle jos päätät edistää asiaa!! :) Menemällä esitutkimukseen, joka ei sido mihinkään, et varmasti menetä mitään, ja ainakin itse sain paljon hyödyllistä tietoa aiheesta ja mietimme mm. mikä leikkausmenetelmä voisi sopia minulle parhaiten.

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