Underneath the apple tree

Fashion,Outfit,6 August 2018

This is where our vacation ends. Today, when the weather got cooler and we’re on our way back home for the first time in what feels like forever. I must have spent more than two months away from home this summer, and more than 6 weeks at the cottage. I haven’t cooked a single meal or washed the dishes more than perhaps five times. If I could, I would give every tired parent the possibility to check out from all the everyday duties and instead, play with the kids and just be. I am so incredibly thankful for this summer. It has made our family even stronger.

Although it’s bitter sweet to return back home, I feel rested and ready to take on this year ahead. I’ve decided to keep up the good vibe, the calmness and take care of myself, always put family first and try to hang on to this incredible connection we’ve built. We see each other again and that feels nice.

I’ve also listened to music, been way less active on social media and felt no pressure to be social in any way actually. I haven’t answered the phone and my WhatsApp conversations have just faded away unanswered. Since my reassessment always take place during summer, I’ve decided to try to draw a sharper line between family and work/school. To be completely honest, I feel the urge to do nothing but my own work and stop myself from taking in so many impressions. Less scrolling just for the fun of it and put my time towards other things. Saying this, I have so much inspiration and energy to put into work and my hobbies- I’m bursting out of creativity! By focusing less on what’s going on around me, I feel like I don’t get so distracted when doing my own thing. It’s so important for all of us, but especially us who work with social media to not live in that world and think it’s reality. Reality is much more beautiful. Real conversations, connections, experiences and moments. Because it’s real.

Dress by Aéryne


  • J

    Härligt med bilder på dina fina barn! Skulle vara roligt med inlägg med barnkläder någon gång också! =)

    • Sofia Ruutu

      Hej! Ja, jag skall absolut försöka göra mera barn inlägg. Om du har Instagram så syns barnen där kanska lite mer @sofiaruutu. Kram!

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