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Fashion,Outfit,23 November 2016
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dress zara// shoes minna parikka// bag chanel

Long time since I wore a dress. I always swore I was a dress, red lipstick and heels kind of girl, but all of a sudden I find myself running towards the opposite direction. I wear outfits I used to think of as dead boring! 18 year old Sofia would snore and roll her eyes at me. (Wonder if I’ll soon catch myself wearing kitten heels, ripped jeans, crop tops and other things I swore I’d never wear?) I know I’ve become much more comfortable with age, which in turn explains at least why I don’t wear one pieces while I breastfeed, but I also enjoy the easiness of wearing uncomplicated and simple clothes. I mean why stumble around in inconvenient shoes that restrict me from running around with my babies? My daily uniform is more or less jeans and a knit and I haven’t purchased a pair of stilettos in forever.

I decided to jump on the train and travel back in time. This dress reminded me of who I used to be with all my ruffles and skater skirt hems. I felt like a girl again in this outfit, but made a compromise between my old self and new self by choosing comfy shoes. Change is good, but I still owe my 18 year old self a good round to fun town every now and then ;).

Pictures by Dora Dalila


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