two is more than one

Fashion,Outfit,19 March 2016
MattiKeskiKohtamaki-20160316-DSC_9601 MattiKeskiKohtamaki-20160316-DSC_9624 MattiKeskiKohtamaki-20160316-DSC_9645

Last week my daily walk was replaced with a photo shoot with Matti. We do that some times. Get inspired by something and decide to meet up and turn that glimpse of inspiration into pictures. I love that. I also love that Matti had not only convinced me, but also Jenni who keeps the blog pupulandia joined us.

MattiKeskiKohtamaki-20160316-DSC_9743 MattiKeskiKohtamaki-20160316-DSC_9719 MattiKeskiKohtamaki-20160316-DSC_9667

In a blink of an eye I switched my Ugg boots into Louboutins, and while my kids slept in the strollers we catched some golden rays of sunlight while playing cool for a minute. Can’t even describe how happy I am to mix it up a bit and present some girl power pictures for you. It was about time to post pictures of someone else’s face than my own. Jenni is such a sweet and fun girl and I think the pictures turned out beautiful.

MattiKeskiKohtamaki-20160316-DSC_9770 MattiKeskiKohtamaki-20160316-DSC_9848PicFrame-15

I rarely get the chance to team up and meet other bloggers since I basically never attend any blog or press events. However, I feel happy and honored to work besides so many ambitious and talented people. I am glad we did this, and hope to continue and maybe team up with other colleagues as well. Teamwork is always my cup of tea, since two is always more than one. MattiKeskiKohtamaki-20160316-DSC_9833

Pictures by Matti Keski-Kohtamäki


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