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hair,27 February 2017

I’m almost sure people continuously ask me about my hair styling routine just to make me a bit uncomfortable. Honestly I don’t know anyone with as little variation when it comes to hair as me. I always want the same color and length and when it comes to styling blow-drying is the only must. That’s pretty much it. I feel my very best with my hair worn down because I like it a bit messy and free and get anxiety if my parting is too straight or untouched for too long. Also, really Bad hair days are comparable with PMS if you ask me.

At home I always wear my hair up in a messy bun, but somehow I never manage to achieve the perfect messy bun when going out. It somehow starts to look pretentious and too styled if I try to create an effortless yet lasting up-do.  However, about a month ago while at a photo shoot my makeup artist did this super easy bun which I really like. It seriously couldn’t get easier than this. One elastic band and one (okay maybe two if you have more hair than me) bobby pins.

All you do is brush your hair (if you feel like it, but it’s actually unnecessary so skip to the next step). Then bend it double and put it up with the elastic. Then swirl  the ends around the elastic and fasten with the bobby pin. I didn’t use any hairspray since I like the fuzzy look with a little bit of baby hair sticking out.

Isn’t this hairdo too easy and casual for a tutorial? one may think. Well it wasn’t so obvious for me. So I thought I’d share it in case I have any likeminded readers who needs hairdos- for- dummies tips.

I hope you like it!?

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Pictures by Dora Dalila

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