Thigh-high or the highway

Fashion,Outfit,pregnancy,20 December 2015
Sofia Ruutu OOTD

These boots tho, total perfection. Maybe a bit high for these circumstances, but will be my outfit saviors once I’ve squeezed this little money out and I’m back on track with handling my balance. Obviously I’m not talented (or brave) enough to carry a newborn in boots like these, but for a date night out it’s always a good idea to wear a pair of thigh highs paired with the simplest lbd or a pair of jeans and a cute top. These are perfect do to their hight and fit around my thighs. They are very slim and tight which I ¬†really appreciate since I always struggle with boot legs that keep falling down.

Shopping for my postpartum body is quite dangerous. I have been spoiled to get gifted with the most amazing pieces, and right now they are just hanging there waiting for me to be able to fit them. I know I won’t be the least interested or pay any attention to anything that has to do with fashion for the first little while, but right now I need to let myself fantasize. I can hardly remember how it feels like to be able to sleep on my back (the only way I sleep normally) or pick up something from the floor without it feeling like a marathon race. Not to even mention being able to easily get up from the floor, chair or bed myself and not walk around like Donald Duck. Well well, eventually it will be over and I’ll find myself reminiscing over how amazing it was being pregnant, and all the other memories of heaviness, tiredness and not to even mention labour will be forgotten. That’s how amazing our bodies are I guess. We need to get totally fed up to be able to get over our fears going into labour, but as soon as the body is getting ready to reproduce again the memories of all the pain is far gone.

Sofia Ruutu OOTD Sofia Ruutu OOTD

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Pictures by Dora Dalila


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