The Vintage Project

Fashion,Outfit,18 December 2017

In collaboration with Saga furs/ Kaupallinen yhteistyö Saga fursin kanssaBefore

As many of you know I love vintage. More specifically I love he search and feeling of making a good find or seeing something beautiful in something unexpected and untypical. I have always liked to challenge myself when it comes to esthetics. The feeling of surprising myself is fun and developing. I just know I need to challenge myself in how I look at things. That’s the reason why I constantly like to make small changes in my home and dare to try new things in fashion. It’s like I want to test myself whether I can learn to like something or not. Switching things up gives me energy, therefore I like to do it in a responsible way- recycling.

Vintage and recycling is a responsible and environmentally friendly way to consume. We consume without bringing new things into the world. Recycling is also a great way to get rid of pieces that for some reason don’t get the life they deserve with you, but might get a new life with someone else. I love seeing my own clothes move in with my friends, family members or someone who can appreciate them again. It feels important and good to let beautiful clothes live as long as possible.

This vintage project with Saga Furs has been amazing to work on. I got a chance to turn something old and dated into the most beautiful and lasting piece of clothing that I’ll have and cherish forever. This classic old fur was enormous, super heavy, almost floor length, and to be honest- it smelled kind of bad. When given the opportunity to have it washed, restyled and brought to life again I knew I had to take it because vintage and recycling is something I strongly believe in and try to live by and support as much as I can. I know I wouldn’t have the coat as it was, but now I have the perfect, timeless, warm and elegant coat for every special event for years ahead. I already wore it to a gala; Independence Day party and a Christmas party.

What I liked the most about this whole project was the process. Little did I know about how much hand- craft and expertise is needed. First, we had to figure out the condition of the old vintage fur, wash it, re-design and then alter it to perfection. I wanted to keep it very classic, but I knew I wanted a large hood and a belt. The embroidery was a last-minute alteration that made this coat one of a kind and irreplaceable to me. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

With this post, I want to encourage all of you to go through your own, your grandmothers and mother’s wardrobes to see if there’s something already existing to work with. Maybe you have something that means a lot to you, but doesn’t work as it is? When it comes to redesigning there are almost no limits. As long as you can see the potential hiding somewhere deep down it deserves to get a new chance to live again. And, the piece becomes so much more meaningful and special after going through this process with you.


Makeup and hair by Leena Waggoner

Styling by Mila Pentti

Before and after pictures by Sakari Majantie




  • Irma K

    Suomalaiset turkikset ovat laatutuotteita ja uudistettavissa tarvittaessa. Niistä ei irtoa muovijätettä luontoon kuten tekoturkeista..

  • Siiri

    Olen Irma K samaa mieltä mutta turkis on silti vaatinut monen eläimen hengen. Nämä eläimet ovat eläneet koko elämänsä kurjuudessa vain siksi, että joku saisi takin päälleen. Vaihtoehdot eivät ole vain muovi ja turkis vaan siinä välissä on niin paljon hyviä vaihtoehtoja, jotka eivät vaadi muiden elämän anastamista. Turkis on murha. Piste.

  • Jani-75

    Eläköön suomalainen turkis ja turkistarhaus!

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