The ugly trend

Fashion,11 January 2019

As you know, everything is trendy, even the things that are not. The ugly trend is blooming strong and I both love and hate it. I love that the sky is the limit and everyone can play and have fun with fashion, but I ”hate” that I get so affected from others. Streetstyle pictures, influencers and people who manages to rock the weirdest pieces and styles and stay cool at the same time fascinate me and wakes up a will to challenge myself. At he age of 30, soon 31, I would think that I would be strong enough in my own style, persona and taste not to jump on every trend. But weak as I am, I’m staring at pictures of myself wearing these enormous dad-sneakers I swore never to get manipulated into liking.  I have seriously let my fashion self down and feel lost, hehe ;).

Get prepared. You’ll probably see me dressed in biker shorts and a cap next summer.

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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