The red robe

Fashion,Outfit,4 August 2017

Because it’s raining and the mood is kind of grey let’s put our focus towards colder days. These pictures are from R/H studio FW2017 collection. I look pale and grey but never mind because this red robe coat attracts all the attention. It’s a statement piece even I crave, although I already own way too many coats. Everyone needs a bright red one right? This is the coat I want to get wrapped up in while taking my little dog out for her morning walk.

Patisse. What can I say? She makes everything look so good (including this black R/H coat) and her presence fills up the room with power, laughter and confidence. I miss you dear.

janitaautio_rhpressi_img_0349 janitaautio_rhpressi_img_0357 janitaautio_rhpressi_img_0285 janitaautio_rhpressi_img_0291 janitaautio_rhpressi_img_0305 janitaautio_rhpressi_img_0347

Pictures by Janita Autio


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