The Paris Effect

Fashion,Outfit,3 July 2018

From forest and hey fields to Paris fashion week. Just how I like it. It’s amazing here as always and I’m loving every second. I’ve walked around a lot, done some vintage shopping and visited restaurant after restaurant. It’s super-hot and humid, but exactly as it always is in Paris during July.

Today, I’m shooting a couple campaigns where after I’ll try to squeeze in a bit of shopping and hopefully visit Louvre. It never disappoints and inspires me as much every time. I know I say it every time, but I need to visit Paris more often. It just makes me so happy and we should all do things that makes us happy, right ;)? Have to come here with the kids as well. They would love it here.

Because of fashion week, the city is full of amazing fashionistas from all over the world. What amazes me here is how people like to dress up even if it’s just a regular Monday. Dinner at 10 pm in heels and a dress is totally normal and that mentality is so admirable! I really like to think that each and every day should be special in one way or another. I hate the idea of waiting for a “reward”. Why shouldn’t we enjoy ourselves as much as possible every day? We don’t have to go crazy, but do something just for the joy of it every day. As you can see I’m effected by my environment and I’m trying to take all of this excitement and inspiration with me home.

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