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Uncategorized,10 April 2017
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For those of you who follow me on Instagram stories might remember that I talked about an amazing full body treatment and facial I’ve been testing. For the first time in forever I actually managed to patiently finish my face wash, serum and moisturizer. It rarely happens now a days, because I’m way too eager to try new products on the market and I find some kind of weird satisfaction in the unknown of what kind of miracles a new jar has to offer. These Esse product not only have the most pure and calming scent, but they have made my skin glow again after this dark and dry winter.

As I’ve told you before I only use natural skin care products. I’m not an expert but there are certain things I ¬†stay away from and my skin is so sensitive it tells me almost immediately if something isn’t good for me and I listen carefully. For example, I don’t like any skin care products with artificial scents and perfume. It almost feels like I’m putting on makeup before going to bed, which I’m not really into :).

I’ve had the luxury to try two facials and one full body detox treatment at The Natural Goods Company on Museokatu. The treatments are pampering and gentle yet show fast results. My skin tone got a lot better and most of all my skin felt nourished and clean. I haven’t had a single breakout in months!

The detoxifying full body treatment I tried last week was the perfect jumpstart for spring and most of all super relaxing. It contained a full body exfoliator, mask, full body rub and facial, using natural products only.

I wanted to write about this, because I haven’t dared to try any kind of treatment or facial in a very long time since my skin reacts very easily in a non- wanted way. So far these treatments are honestly the most gentle and safe I’ve ever tried, therefore my first choice when it comes to treating my skin. My skin plays such an important role for me in my work as a model, which is why I find the need to fully trust anyone who performes any kind of treatment on it.

Take care of the skin your’e in!

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*treatements and products sponsored

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