The magical rocks

Fashion,Health,Outfit,19 October 2018

I am a sceptic and questioning believer, but always hopeful, inviting and open minded. That’s how I would describe my beliefs in the super natural powers, energies and the effect it has on us. Can our energies be read by someone with a clearer vision and more sensitive and intuitive then ourselves? I think so. Just as we often see the solution to other’s problems more easily. We so often get caught up in knots we got ourselves into.  Someone wise told me yesterday, that even the hardest and difficult knots can be solved one step at a time. Although, it sometimes feels impossible.

I visited the rock stop Seraphine on Eerikinkatu. The owner Janna kindly helped me pick the right stone and told me to carry it on the left side of my body because it is our emotional side. My rock will help me let go of tough experiences, but I need to help myself let go by thanking for the experiences I’ve had. I’m sure we all have things we need to let go, so maybe trying to be grateful and letting the unpleasant memories and feelings come to us is better than blocking them out.

I now have a beautiful rock collection consisting of an amethyst, pyrite and aragonite. I hope that they will help me guide my energies, wishes and trust in myself – just by being aware of their existence. I believe in the power of myself, but when I’m feeling lost, I need to remind myself of the power we all carry inside of us. The potential within us is unlimited.

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Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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