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Fashion,28 December 2019

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Hi! Today is the first day I’m slowly thinking of getting back on track with my life again. I’ve basically given up on routines, a healthy lifestyle, fresh air and clean hair ;). I took some time off creating new content over Christmas and it felt relaxing to shut down that way of thinking for a couple of days. The only con is that I enjoy it so much I forget to take pictures of anything. No pictures of Santa or the kids. I didn’t even know where my phone was laying most of the time. I even watched a movie or two and every single episode of Solsidan! Now, I’m thinking of giving Downton abbey a new chance, so if you know where I can find the episodes please share!

Christmas was nice, but there’s always something a bit melancholic about this Holiday. So many expectations, nostalgia and the pressure to create memories and traditions for our children, while constantly thinking about all the children and families that don’t manage to make their wishes come true or create that idyllic holiday. I’m always a bit anxious during these days.

We spent Christmas eve at my dad’s and the following days at my in-laws. Yesterday, we spent the evening eating Raclette at our friends and had a really nice evening. Now I crave fresh air and movement for my body, so more outdoor activities are more than welcomed until the parties kick off again for New Year’s Eve when we’re hosting a party.

How was your Christmas?

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