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Beauty,7 September 2016

If it’s something I always trust to save tired, gloomy, grey and simply just “bad face days” it’s strobing products. As you all know by now I spend most nights with way too little sleep, yet I often hear that my skin looks at least somewhat healthy and good. It’s all because of great products and if my skin care products flake on me, I go after the motto fake it til you make it. Sometimes I wonder where my career would have ended up if it wasn’t for good old makeup.

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I am constantly trying new products to achieve that perfect glow and this time I’ve been smudging, brushing, blending, and tapping on Isadora’s highlighting products to achieve a perfectly natural looking radiant face.

It might sound easy (and it actually is), but the secret lays in finding the right product/products.  It’s important to recognize what you want to achieve. Do you want to accentuate beautiful bone structure or get an overall perky look? Personally I only want glow. No glittery disco ball effect when the sun hits my face.

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Where to apply highlighter? Remember when I did (this) post about contouring? In that post I told you that I usually add contouring where the face naturally create shadows. Under the cheekbones, side of the nose etc. When it comes to strobing it’s the same but opposite. Highlight the parts that usually catch light and need brightening. Highlight the highest part of the cheekbones, brow bones, curve of the upper lip, nose bone, forehead, inner corners of the eyes and the tip of the chin. Add glow to one part or every part, it’s up to you. I usually go for the cheekbones, brow bones and sometimes nose bone. Even collar bone for  special occasions.

Isadora has a good and wide selection of products to cover every need. My favorite for grey days is the Strobing Fluid Highlighter that simply makes you look fresh without being able to put your finger on what it is specifically that makes you look so fresh. It can be used as it is all over the face, or blended with your foundation. In these pictures I only wear the fluid highlighter, no foundation. I also added some extra on the cheekbones, nose and on the curve of my upper lip.

The Face Sculptor Strobing palette with three beautiful shades is perfect if you prefer a powdery consistency. I recommend this one for those of you who wear powder on top of your foundation. It’s easy to sweep on with a soft brush on the cheekbones, and works as a finishing touch to your makeup. I love this palette and I like to just mix and match and blend all three together.

Strobing highlighting stick. I basically love everything that comes in a stick. Best product to carry with you, and since I got this stick I’ve been applying it a little here and there. Love it on the upper lip (or all over the lips for that matter) and brow bones. Super easy to roll on and gives a nice subtle glow. This one along with  the Strobing Fluid Highlighter is perfect for everyday use. Very elegant and soft result. The Face Sculptor  Palette is an excellent choice to go for at the office before after work and for night time.

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As a finishing touch I applied some black mascara. The Insane Volume Lash Styler has a brush designed to easier apply lots of formula at once, providing volume and making the lashes long and lushes. Also, it’s perfume free and tested by eye doctors.

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Pictures by Janita Autio

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