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Fashion,Outfit,22 November 2017

I used to be someone who loved having long and intensive conversations with my friends and boyfriend over the phone. Perhaps it sounds crazy, but I’m trying to get some of that back. Actually, it’s on my to-do list of the week. More of that please! Even though I see my friends regularly there is rarely an opportunity to talk or more like “talk”, open up, dig together, analyze, plan, listen and figure out life changing things together. Over the phone everything gets more personal. In the right place and time, both parts have the opportunity to be relaxed in their own environment and have the chance to speak out and get personal.

This week I’ve had three over one hour conversations over the phone. I’ve cried, laughed and talked about both high and low subjects. I feel relieved and liberated, but most of all I feel togetherness and closeness to my friends. I feel like the distance between us has shortened and the realness and complete honesty is similar to when we once were young and restless ;). In the future, I want more dialogues over the phone over monologue communication through social media channels. Anyone with me?

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Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

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