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Fashion,4 April 2021

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Sunday’s are for dreaming and being a bit selfish in a good and healthy way, right? To me that means self-care Sunday including spa time (I have a new routine I’ll share with you later) and chill time on the couch, but today I’ve been dreaming about my spring wardrobe. I’ve been a good girl when it comes to shopping lately and because I have a wardrobe full of great basics already, I don’t really need anything new. It’s really about being creative with what I have and now all I want to do is to show my already existing pieces some extra love and care so I can continue wearing them for yet another season.

The most obvious spring piece to me must be the trench coat or sneakers, but right now I’m feeling inspired to wear a relaxed black wide suit paired with black Converse, miniskirts (really craving this old goodie for some reason) and the not so obvious leather pieces like the leather blazer. I have one that I haven’t worn too much yet to be honest but WILL as soon as I can wear it as a coat. It’s also perfect to wear with grey jeans, white tee and Converse for an everyday look, but here are two very fashionable looks I’d love to wear. What do you think about the leather blazer? Do you love it as much as I do?


Collage 1. leather blazer here // jeans here // tank top here // chain necklace here // pumps here// bag here // sunglasses here

Collage 2. dress here // boots here// bag here // hoops here // sunglasses here

blazer Sand// jeans Toteme// boots Unisa// bag Bottega Veneta


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