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Fashion,2 June 2019

Just had to stop by quickly to say a few things because sometimes, when I at least expect it, I think of you and it always happens when I’ve decided to take a day off. This time, the thought hit me when I was standing in front of my closet, contemplating over what I should wear and what to pack for our little get away. When I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to think or try on anything, this flower dress has been my go-to piece all spring. I’ve worn it countlessly and I’m quite surprised, because I rarely go for something patterned, unless it’s well planned. It’s the easiest dress to combine with heeled boots or sneakers, therefore it works when I hang out with the kids, but also for dining out with friends.

I’ve been making quite an effort lately to clean out my closet and in addition to that I’ve taken a bunch of clothes to get tailored. In these times of overconsuming, I really want to support using what we already have. By modifying something old, it can really turn out as new again and even better. I even had my wedding dress pimped a bit by Katri Niskanen for Cannes and next up is a black dress very similar to this, that I want shortened. It usually only costs a fraction of the price of buying a new one and the clothes feel so much more special.

When it comes to good tailor’s, I have used a few. Right now, I leave my clothes to get tailored and repaired at SOL where I take my special pieces in for dry cleaning. So easy! If I want them modified I work with a lady I’ve used for years and if I want to make something from scratch or need a designers input I always turn to Niskanen.

dress kappahl// boots zara// bag dior// earrings alighieri

Pictures by Janita Autio

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