Be careful what you wish for

personal,3 January 2016

Time for a new “get to know weird, unnecessary and extremely random information about me” post. Still feel weird about these posts but oh well… I guess I don’t have much interesting to say during these times in general, so this is all I’ve got for today. Therefore, did you know…

…I’m terribly afraid of eye lash curlers? Can’t stand them, which is why I always totally freeze at work when I see one coming my way. It’s clear to say I don’t use one while doing my makeup myself, but while at work I try to suck it up.

I curse extremely, extremely rarely. It actually hurts my ears.

Long hot candle light baths are something I need a lot more of in my life. Preferably every night or why not morning AND night?


I admire people who put life before work. You don’t impress me the slightest bit just by achieving a high position or title at work. Couldn’t care less actually.

I’m a hugger! I always prefer to hug over elegant cheek kisses, hand shakes or other greeting gestures. Hugging is soul food. Something we all need a lot more of if you ask me.

I’m quite allergic to noise.  Can’t stand having the tv on, music or radio while trying to have a decent conversation. Although, I am a true multitasker with way too much going on at once. I actually prefer  it that way. Organized surrounding with a wonderfully beautiful mess inside my head.


If I could add a special feature to myself I would add a tail. So beautiful, sensual and vulnerable. Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve. “Be careful what you wish for” might be quite suitable when it comes to this one.

My biggest celebrity crush is Leonardo DiCaprio. Like a good wine (I’ve heard), only getting better with time.

I absolutely suck at dancing! I feel awkward, stiff, uncomfortable and simply don’t enjoy it at all.


Love women with loud, deep, characteristic laughters. So incredibly sexy, charming and liberating.

Long discussions is one of my largest passions in life.

If I could be part of any family for one day it would for sure be the Kardashians. Absolutely love them. Perfectly all over the place, real, loving, funny and absolutely nuts.


Pictures by Janita Autio


My 2016 will be a very special year. We are welcoming a new member to our family and I know it’s going to be life changing . Nothing has ever touched, changed and turned the world upside down as much as having my daughter, which is why I know 2016 will be memorable.


Motherhood has been the most amazing yet hardest challenge I’ve ever faced. Although the most rewarding. Fighting through a period as long as 15 months with no more than 2-5 hours of sleep per night wasn’t easy. I learned so much about myself, conquered  my own limits and best of all I’ve become so much less selfish and self centered. That is what changed me the most actually, being genuinely more happy through my daughters happiness. If she’s happy, so am I.

I also learned what real time stopping love is. The love I have for my child is different than anything else I’ve ever experienced. It puts all other kind of love in perspective. It is so pure, always present, unconditional and self-evident.


I never thought I had so much room for love in my heart. I often feel like I could burst out of love for my family. That is the reason I can’t even imagine what this year has to offer me, since I know the amount will double once again.  Therefore I welcome this year with open and hopeful arms, knowing it will be a big one.



We are all just a car crash,

a diagnosis,

an unexpected phone call,

a newfound love,

or a broken heart away

from becoming a completely different person.

How beautifully fragile are we

that so many things can take

but a moment

to alter

who we are for


-Samuel Decker Thompson


Pictures by Janita Autio