healthy fast and in season

Food,22 October 2014
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What I am going to tell you now might come as a shock.  I don’t only eat chocolate as a snack ;D! Even though I can’t survive without a piece or two a day I actually snack on other things as well.
I don’t necessarily buy organic but I always try to think of what’s in season. We have the most beautiful apple trees at the cottage and every fall I stuff myself, my family, my freezer and every single food I make with apples in different shapes and forms.
While I was pregnant my biggest cravings were apples and salmon soup and I ate about 6 apples a day for months.
I prefer to eat my apples sliced and raw. I am happy I can eat these unpeeled since they’re from our own yard.
A good way to make apples more fun is to add a table spoon of peanut, cashew or almond butter as a dip. It tastes delicious and adds both healthy fats and protein to make this snack complete. I usually slice up two or three apples every night before I go to bed and I still can’t get enough!

Take advantage of what this season has to offer and remember that one apple  a day keep the doctor away ;).