Shoe freak

Fashion,8 November 2014

“A woman can carry a bag but it’s the shoe that carries the woman”

-Christian Louboutin


As I’m sure most of you already know, I love shoes! I have loved shoes and especially high heels for as long as I can remember. Already as a little girl I always played with my grandmothers heels, and I loved shoe shopping with my mother.

The first thing I notice in a woman’s outfit are the shoes. A woman who walks gracefully in a great pair of heels is in my opinion way more sexy than a revealing cleavage or short dress. I still try to wear heels as much as possible but when I do I always bring a pair of flats with me under the strollers or vice versa. I usually build my whole outfit based on the shoes I want to wear.

Walking well in heels takes practice and  I have to say that Helsinki isn’t the ultimate place for beautiful but less convenient shoes. Cold and wet weather means slippery streets and that combined with cobblestones is a nightmare for high heels.

Most of my shoes are black and I seem to have a thing for strappy sandals, over the knee boots and ankle booties. Christian Louboutin is my favorite designer but conveniently also the most uncomfortable for my feet ;D. Most comfortable to walk in are Guiseppe Zanotti and Jimmy Choo. I buy most of my shoes abroad.

Taking good care of my shoes is important to me and most of them still look brand new. If I’m going to invest money in my shoes I want them to last for as long as possible. I can easily wear 10 cm heels all day long, but 12 cm and more makes my feet tired and are more suitable for shorter periods of time and evening.

My shoe care routine:

– I always have my cobbler put rubber soles on my heels (red soles on my Louboutines). The rubber sole protects the leather sole and makes the shoes less slippery.

– I never walk with a worn out heel! If the metal is coming through, take them to the closest cobbler!

– I never wear suede shoes if it’s raining or if it’s wet outside.

– Broken or worn out shoes are not welcome back in my closet.

– I storage my shoes well organized on shoe shelves or filled with paper in their original boxes.

– I protect my shoes with a protection spray.

– I always clean my shoes after I’ve worn them and I wear them carefully.

“Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally”

-Christian Louboutin