Easy like Sunday morning

Food,22 February 2015

I love a late breakfast especially if I get to enjoy it in peace and quiet all by myself. Today is my study day, meaning that I study all day from morning to evening while hubs takes care of little miss happy face ;). I usually make myself a nice cup of coffee and some sandwiches and park myself in front of the computer to watch my lectures online. Studying over the internet definitely has it’s challenges but being able to be at home dressed in pyjamas is really hard to beat ;).

Have a great Sunday!


Pretty Preppy

Outfit,personal,6 November 2014

Hi everybody! How has your week been? Despite the weather this morning I took a long walk all the way to Greta’s baby swim.

Today I have been thinking about my studies. I wonder when I will be able to return to school. Next time I go back I hope to get done as much as possible, because it’s quite hard to get back on track after a long break. I am the kind of person who really needs to study a lot to succeed. I have to attend lectures and do my homework as well.  When I study I need to fully focus and concentrate! I guess I am like that when it comes to most things in life. I like to know that whatever I do I give it my all and my very best. That’s the reason I don’t like to juggle too many things at once.

Since I’m a mother things naturally  change. Whatever I do besides being a mother comes second. I have to be honest though, the reason I constantly think about my unfinished  studies is that I have a million more things I would like to study ;D!

I wonder what I’ll end up doing when I grow up, but I trust that life takes me wherever I’m supposed to go. All I can do now is to enjoy the journey with less focus and pressure on the final destination.


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