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Beauty,1 September 2015

*Post in collaboration with Mádara


I know I’m not the only one who’s excited about these new products from Mádara. I gave away and recommended my friend to try my favorite cream, and she keeps sending me pictures of her perfect skin and gave up foundation do to my generous gift ;). Both me and my dear friend are now ready to face the world looking fresh and clean without having to cover up. It’s interesting how it works so well on both of us, despite our completely different skin types.

The cream I’m talking about is Daily Defend cream by Noora Shingler, now available with a new scent of fresh nettle as well as a refreshing mist. This cream is developed especially for sensitive skin and harsh and changing weather conditions. What I love about it is that is smells heavenly, absorbs very quickly into the skin, still leaving my skin feeling moisturized and smooth. I think it’s brilliant to bring on trips because it can be used both day and night and all over the body, face and hands.

The refreshing nettle mist calms, moisturizes and soothes the skin and is suitable for the entire family. Both products are of course organic, natural, vegan and not tested on animals.

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Mádara 24h sale

Beauty,1 June 2015

Mádara is once again offering a 24 hour sale starting tonight (2.6.2015) at 00.00 am! The entire sortiment is 40% off when shopping on their website.  Don’t miss out!

As all of you already know I’m almost fanatic when it comes to natural and organic skin care products. Mádara is one of my favorite brands do to the clean and natural scented products as well as the high quality. I really love to spoil myself with some alone time pampering my skin, and for me the best way to do that is to apply masks and moisture. If I would recommend one product for every woman it would be a great serum. Serums feel so luxurious and is in my opinion the best way to hydrate thirsty skin. This time miracle serum is a great option.


I’ve been wanting to try this anti-cellulite cream for a while no since I love the tingly feeling cellulite creams leave on the body. I believe prevention is better than trying to fight something that’s already a problem, so this lotion will be perfect now when it’s time to reveal some more leg.


I’ve already recommended this detox mask but now I’ve found myself another excellent mask that is more suitable for my quite dry, sensitive and thin skin, the brightening aha peel mask. This peeling mask is exactly what I’ve been missing. Especially for people with sensitive skin like me I highly advice to stay away from rough peelings since their often way to harsh on the skin. This peeling is completely smooth which is the most kind and in my opinion best way to get rid of dead skin cells and increase blood flow.  It smells like lemon and feels wonderful, brightening and refreshing on. This one is a must! Get to their website here!


Mádaran verkkokaupassa alkaa 24h alennusmyynti. Luonnonkosmetiikkaa 24 h -40% koko valikoimasta  alkaen tiistaina 2.6 klo 00.00 ja jatkuu klo 24.00 asti. KAIKKI tuotteet ovat -40% alennuksessa. Yli 50 €:n tilauksiin saa ilmaisen toimituksen. Yli 60 € tilauksiin saa lahjaksi SOS-tehokosteusvoiteen (50ml, arvo 32€). Verkkokauppaan pääset täältä!

*Post in collaboration with Mádara