Outfit,9 December 2014

Finally! I’ve been trying to update all day but I’ve simply been too busy running after my crazy child ;P! She is so funny though, making crazy faces and her energy level is something I’ve never seen before. She is on the go non stop from 5am to 7pm with only one short nap in the morning. We have so much fun together these days and I laugh both with her and at her about a  hundred times a day. She is such a sunny little monkey<3.

I have to admit something. I haven’t bought a single christmas present yet. I love giving gifts but I am  not to keen on feeling pressured to buy “stuff” just because it’s a special day. The pressure of finding that “perfect” gift for each person makes it so difficult, especially when so many of us are blessed with lives that already have everything a person need.

Although, I do have to say that I think gifts are important. Our lives are full of  regular weekdays so we should really make sure to make these special occasions extra special. We only live once (?) and I think we should try to enjoy what life has to offer as much as possible.

Maybe I will have to give myself a deadline and just get out there and get it done. I mean how hard can it be to shop a little ;)?


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