The color of my Monday is blue

Fashion,24 August 2015

New week, new shoes! Here are my new babes I brought home with me after a quick stop by one of my favorite shoe shops in Helsinki, Kaarina K. Even though I love black everything, I think colorful footwear is a fun and easy way to incorporate color into an outfit. These ones from Giuseppe Zanotti are just gorgeous and extremely comfortable to walk in, like most Zanotti shoes.

This week is going to be the most exciting week blog wise for me! I have interesting campaigns coming up (my first video!) and other exciting stuff I can’t wait to share. Make sure to stop by and may all of you have a lovely Monday!


Me, myself and motherhood

Motherhood,Outfit,16 April 2015

corner girl kallio3
Good morning. The sun is shining and spring is in it’s full bloom. We spend a lot of time outdoors and it’s such a mood lifter to hear the birds sing in the morning on our way to the play ground. Greta herself bring so much sunshine and laughter to my days and I am enjoying motherhood to the fullest. It’s not all about survival anymore. She sleeps a lot better and I only nurse about once or twice a day. She will soon be a year and a half <3.

I also feel I’m becoming more relaxed which gives me the opportunity to enjoy myself more when doing things on my own. The only thing I strive for when it comes to parenting is to do what feels right, no matter what everyone else thinks. I decide to trust myself and my gut instead of listening too much to all the advice I’ve been given or comparing to other children and parents. When in doubt I search for the information I need and I’m also lucky to have such a great group of support always available.

How about all of you mothers/ fathers out there? How are things rollin for you :)?

corner girl kallio1corner girl kallio2corner girl kallio4corner girl kallio

jacket mission// knit santosh// skirt mango// shoes, earrings and bag chanel// sunglasses rayban

Pictures by Dora Dalila