Around my neck

Fashion,personal,13 November 2014

Today my baby turned one!!! Can’t believe it’s been a year already but at the same time I can’t understand that I’ve only known her for one year. It feels like  I’ve had her in my life forever and I love her with all my heart a million times<3. Happy Birthday baby angel!

I wanted to show you what I wear around my neck now a days. I love gold and I think it suits me better than silver.

The first necklace, the infinity necklace I bought for myself in Greece this fall. Buying gifts for yourself is the best! I fell in love with it’s simplicity and I’ve worn it a lot ever since. To me the infinity symbol symbolizes energies that continues to live, which reminds me of what goes around comes around.

The second necklace the hand of Fatima is from Thomas Sabo and is new to my collection. Everybody needs a little protection and I love to think that my necklace protects me from negativity, bad and evil. Most important is to believe and I believe which makes me more calm and relaxed every time I look at this protective hand around my neck.

The gun necklace from Nikolai Babitzin is simply awesome and reminds me to be strong and not to take any bull s**t ;D!

IMG_1302 IMG_1300