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Uncategorized,15 December 2020

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It’s the final countdown to Christmas and if you like me do your Christmas shopping kinda last minute, I’m here to tell you there’s no need to worry. I’m an expert on this and have made fast fixes a way of living ;). Personally, I start the planning process early, but can’t find the peace to actually go shopping before I have everything else for the year wrapped up.

This list of Christmas wishes is a bit selfish, because I want every single item on this list. Might have emailed this collage to hubs as well… Feel free to copy and paste. My number one wish is for sure these perfect Champagne glasses. I think they would be perfect to start collecting for our new home and we don’t actually even have proper Champagne glasses at the moment. A need and a want in one gift, perfect! My other craving is the watch which makes the glasses a lot more likely to happen :D.

For him, I suggest this amazing perfume or stylish and minimalistic steamer. A steamer is a must in every household, I think. A true-life changer!

What type of person are you, the one who buys all Christmas gifts in time or last-minute?


champagne glass here// unisex perfume here// candle here // throw here// watch here// steamer here// camisole dress here// 

slippers here// knit here// trousers here// book here// vase here