Keep on blooming little flower

Sofia Ruutu OOTD

Good morning. This morning has been one of those special and rare ones. I’ve spent lots of time enjoying breakfast in bed, just me and my daughter. I didn’t mind bread crumbles and pieces of apple on my sheets and I didn’t rush into making the bed, get organized, go outdoors and stick to all our other oh so beloved routines.

Yesterday while playing in the park I realized that my little baby is growing up so fast and soon she’ll be an independent girl with her own thoughts, dreams, problems and secrets. I can’t help myself from feeling sadness over the fact that one day she won’t be my baby anymore even though I know I’ll probably cherish every age, phase and stage of her life just as much as this one, but in a different way.

Right now we are each others everything and I know everything about her. Right now I know her better than she knows herself and I teach her new things every day and we explore the world together. Not only do I teach her everything I know, but she also teaches me more than she will ever be able to understand until she one day becomes a mother herself, if she so chooses.

Having a child is the bravest and most important journey I’ve been given, chosen and taken on in life. Everything else seems so secondary. I struggle with new feelings and fears I never knew existed. Who would have known that a child would change me so much but still make me feel like the person I am today was the plan for me all along?

Sofia Ruutu OOTDSofia Ruutu OOTDSofia Ruutu OOTDSofia Ruutu OOTDSofia Ruutu OOTDSofia Ruutu OOTD

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Pictures by Dora Dalila