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Food,1 November 2018

Maksettu kaupallinen yhteistyö Food Market Herkun kanssa// Paid collaboration with Food Market Herkku

Before children, one of my favorite things to do was to “mall walk”. It’s something that became a habit of mine when I lived in Canada where I had to drive from one mall to another for school, grocery shopping, gym, shopping and etc. I rarely have the time to just “mall walk” nowadays, but instead, I sometimes treat myself with the luxury of grocery shopping all by myself. I love to browse through the shelves and get inspired from what I see and find most appealing.

My absolute favorite place for grocery shopping is Herkku at Stockmann. I always take visiting guests from abroad here, because it’s a pride to introduce this grocery store to people due to its cozy atmosphere and always so helpful and professional service.  It’s esthetically beautiful in a calming and inspiring way, but there are many more reasons for it to be my first choice. Especially now, when it’s remade into Finland’s first food Market: Food Market Herkku.

What I love the most about Food Market Herkku, is that it feels modern and takes our modern day needs into consideration. What I need and think I’m not alone with is a good selection of fresh choices that makes my cooking easier. I like to cook simple, fast and easy foods; therefore, I find it so important for the ingredients to be nice and fresh. Food Market Herkku displays in-season fruits and vegetables that helps me in my decision making. A “what’s in season” based diet has always been something I strongly believe in, not only because of the taste, but also from an environmental and health perspective. Perhaps our bodies feel better when we eat and fulfill our needs with what nature provides us with at that specific point of time? I also enjoy going for the easy way out and buy high quality pre-made foods. I want to be able to grab a fresh squeezed juice or smoothie on the go, buy Roman takeaway pizza straight from the oven or a pre-made Meals&Bites meal, while I enjoy a perfectly foamed cappuccino or stop for a plate of warm salmon soup at the bistro placed in the middle of the grocery store.

Nevertheless, is it important for me to opt to be a more responsible shopper. As I mentioned in another blog post earlier, I really try to step up the game when it comes to thinking more environmentally friendly in my daily choices. Food Market Herkku, feels like a great choice because it offers the widest selection of free weight vegetables and fruits that are not individually wrapped up in plastic. We can’t totally avoid buying plastic, but I try to minimize it especially when it’s made this easy. Food Market Herkku has also incorporated a Zero Waste department, where we can buy foods closer to its expiration date for a reduced price.

So, for all of you people who like food, feel inspired and happier in inviting and beautiful environments and need new ideas for your cooking’s or a lunch on the run, go for a little walk at the renewed Herkku. It’s if possible, upgraded to a completely new level.

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä

I kind of quit sugar

Fashion,Food,Health,Outfit,3 August 2016

Let’s face it. My choice of drugs are sugar and coffee. It might not be the worst way to achieve a high, but it is an addiction. I eat chocolate every day and without it I feel weird, discontent and restless. I simply can’t go a day without at least thinking about sweets and a day without coffee doesn’t exist in my world. A side from these substances I always prefer healthy foods and water is something I can’t get enough of.

IMG_8007 IMG_7954

August has arrived and is ongoing which means it’s time to get back into everyday routines. Also health wise. I’ve eaten way too many desserts and yummy treats this summer. So I’ve decided to check myself into rehab. Not from coffee (are you crazy?), but from sugar.

IMG_7972-2 IMG_7922

A few years back I followed a sugar detox program called I quit sugar by Sarah Wilson. I kept it up for a few months, but to be honest it’s quite a lot of work to completely avoid sugar in everything we eat. I need and want to be able to attend dinner parties, eat out and enjoy a piece of birthday cake every now and then. Moreover, lead by good example for my children not being too picky. Nevertheless, the program was really good for me then, but this time I just need to try to replace sweets with healthier options.


Something I always advised my health coaching clients was to make sure they eat properly and regularly, and if the sugar carvings still come always eat fruits and berries before attacking the bag of candy. If you every now and then still “need” the candy/ dessert go for it. We only live once right? At least you know you don’t completely fill up on the unhealthier option knowing you’ve eaten nutritious food to feed your hunger.


Now I’m saying stop to cinnamon buns, cake, cookies and cupcakes. A piece of chocolate here and there never hurt anyone, but I need to be honest with myself and make sure it doesn’t become an everyday habit once again. Also, instead of always drinking green sour smoothies. I will now treat myself with sweeter smoothies filled with berries, yoghourt, coconut and other wonderful soft tastes I enjoy. Maybe even chocolate :D!

IMG_7985 IMG_8009

knit filippa k// shoes gianvito rossi// bag louis vuitton

Pictures by Janita Autio