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I’m the kind of person who likes certain things very intensely for some time before I move on to new favorite products, tastes, smells, music, styles, you name it. Right now I’m really enjoying a few things a little bit more than usual, so I thought I’d share my “favorite things right now” list with you:

Meditation music.
Must have something to do with trying to find zen, listen and focus on my inner self and find peace. I actually listened to meditation music while in labour with Greta.

Hot and long evening showers.
I usually prefer to shower in the morning, and most of the time it’s a rushed process to get ready and going. Right now I’m enjoying long, hot and steamy showers almost every night, just because it feels so good to sit there on the bathroom floor, before going to bed with damp hair and warmed up skin.

Persimon/ Sharon.
This wonderful fruit is actually one of my true favorites. I start eating them as soon as they hit the stores before christmas, and I need them to be just right. Peeled, firm, sliced and perfect.

Eye shadow.
I used to hate wearing eye makeup, but right now I’m really into wearing some dusty grey shadow on my eyelids to make my gaze more intense and provide a feeling of a polished look.

Sparkling water.
While pregnant I get very thirsty but water doesn’t taste as good as usual, so I really enjoy sparkling water like never before. Usually I only like sparkling water with very little bubbles, but right now I like it to be super sparkly and bubbly. More is more is my motto when it comes to this one.

Clean sheets.
I feel like changing and washing our sheets every other night. I try to stick to once a week since it’s such a hassle, but I find myself dreaming of fresh, crispy and perfectly wrinkly linen sheets almost every night.

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coat & knit filippa k// collar andiata// maternity jeans hm// bag dolce & gabbana

Pictures by Dora Dalila