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personal,26 June 2015

Random chit chatting and mingling makes me uncomfortable. I get nothing out of it, therefore I’d rather do something else that feels more meaningful.

I get extremely irritated when I see articles, Facebook links or writings about “real women” referring to non models. So models or people with a typical model figure aren’t real women? All sizes, shapes and forms are equally real to me and no one should bully or discriminate anyone based on shape (or anything else for that matter).

Either I dress up or I don’t care at all. There is nothing in between for me. On a day off I’ll basically wear anything thats clean and not broken.

I can’t stand it if someone touches my belly button.

Feminist? Abso-frigging-lutely!!!

I believe in sharing dreams and goals and saying them out loud. If someone else steals them, go ahead good for you for actually making it reality.

I would never ever exchange or return a gift I got from someone. I basically think it’s rude and unappreciative. A gift is a gift, a little something to say you’ve been on someones mind.

I don’t mind when it rains. I never carry an umbrella with me. A little water never hurt nobody.

My least favorite hashtags are #foodporn and #nomnomnom.

I have a love-hate relationship with oatmeal. I’ve just started to eat it again for breakfast with a side of cottage cheese and jam.

I am very uncomfortable giving interviews and I never talk about my personal life, so this spring I made a decision to not give any more interviews, at least for some time forward. What do I get out of it? Headlines I have no control over trying to put me in some kind of light that will sell magazines.

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random facts

personal,1 February 2015

I always read magazines starting from the back, Japanese style :).

I  never wear skin colored pantyhose since I really dislike them. I don’t care if it’s freezing cold outside I’d still rather be bare legged.

The best thing I know is getting a scalp massage from a hair dresser. If they cheat I won’t go back. Harsh but true :D.

Fine dining is so not my thing. It mostly makes me irritated, restless and hungry. 

I can’t live without my tongue scraper! I’ve used it as long as I can remember, every day twice a day.

Chipotle mexican grill is my all time favorite fast food chain. When I’m in the States I can easily eat all of my meals there! We even have the Chipotle app :)!

If I could re-live a time of my life I would do my stay in Japan all over again. I was modeling there for three months and during those three months I become a whole new person and had the most amazing experiences.

I value great service a lot but I like it to be casual and relaxed. 5 star resort service with people at your service 24/7 mostly make me uncomfortable.

I’m afraid of spiders. Silly but true.

I usually keep my phone on mute. I can’t stand the thought of always being reachable at all time so I prefer to choose when to take calls and when not. I’m also extremely slow and bad at texting, which is something my friends don’t appreciate since I quite often “forget” to answer :/. So sorry about that (shame on me) !

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