Be careful what you wish for

personal,3 January 2016

Time for a new “get to know weird, unnecessary and extremely random information about me” post. Still feel weird about these posts but oh well… I guess I don’t have much interesting to say during these times in general, so this is all I’ve got for today. Therefore, did you know…

…I’m terribly afraid of eye lash curlers? Can’t stand them, which is why I always totally freeze at work when I see one coming my way. It’s clear to say I don’t use one while doing my makeup myself, but while at work I try to suck it up.

I curse extremely, extremely rarely. It actually hurts my ears.

Long hot candle light baths are something I need a lot more of in my life. Preferably every night or why not morning AND night?


I admire people who put life before work. You don’t impress me the slightest bit just by achieving a high position or title at work. Couldn’t care less actually.

I’m a hugger! I always prefer to hug over elegant cheek kisses, hand shakes or other greeting gestures. Hugging is soul food. Something we all need a lot more of if you ask me.

I’m quite allergic to noise.  Can’t stand having the tv on, music or radio while trying to have a decent conversation. Although, I am a true multitasker with way too much going on at once. I actually prefer  it that way. Organized surrounding with a wonderfully beautiful mess inside my head.


If I could add a special feature to myself I would add a tail. So beautiful, sensual and vulnerable. Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve. “Be careful what you wish for” might be quite suitable when it comes to this one.

My biggest celebrity crush is Leonardo DiCaprio. Like a good wine (I’ve heard), only getting better with time.

I absolutely suck at dancing! I feel awkward, stiff, uncomfortable and simply don’t enjoy it at all.


Love women with loud, deep, characteristic laughters. So incredibly sexy, charming and liberating.

Long discussions is one of my largest passions in life.

If I could be part of any family for one day it would for sure be the Kardashians. Absolutely love them. Perfectly all over the place, real, loving, funny and absolutely nuts.


Pictures by Janita Autio

All in one

personal,9 September 2015

This week I’m incredibly busy and constantly on the go. I have a lot of school work to get done as well as work, and I try to nap every day with Greta. Greta’s nap time and the couple of hours I get at night after putting her to bed is the time I use on blogging and answering comments/ emails. Now when I’m really trying to use the time to rest mysel, I have a hard time to find time to answer your comments and emails as fast as I would wish for. I still try to answer all comments but it takes some time, so please be patient with me and know that I read everything. I absolutely love it when you leave comments, send emails and give feedback.

I collected my latest random fact posts below just because I think these kind of posts are quite silly and I can’t decide if I like them or absolutely despise them :D. Hope you’re having a great week and soaking in the crisp and amazingly beautiful fall air.


Sofia Ruutu OOTD
I like my chocolate frozen so I always keep it in the freezer.

A tight turtle neck is one piece of clothing I really dislike.

I never read the newspaper because it gives me anxiety .

My Finnish is okay but far from perfect. When I don’t know the proper word I’m looking for I make up my own.

My favorite place on earth is my own bed. I would spend hours in bed every morning doing nothing if I could.

I can’t whistle.

I fly in my dreams. I start by running faster and faster and then I jump into the air and fly.

My all time favorite tv show is Sex and The City.

The qualities I admire most in other people are fearlessness and authenticity.

I dislike public speaking.

Random chit chatting and mingling makes me uncomfortable. I get nothing out of it, therefore I’d rather do something else that feels more meaningful.

I get extremely irritated when I see articles, Facebook links or writings about “real women” referring to non models. So models or people with a typical model figure aren’t real women? All sizes, shapes and forms are equally real to me and no one should bully or discriminate anyone based on shape (or anything else for that matter).

Either I dress up or I don’t care at all. There is nothing in between for me. On a day off I’ll basically wear anything thats clean and not broken.

I can’t stand it if someone touches my belly button.

Feminist? Abso-frigging-lutely.

I believe in sharing dreams and goals and saying them out loud. If someone else steals them, go ahead good for you for actually turning it into reality.

I would never ever exchange or return a gift I got from someone. I basically think it’s rude and unappreciative. A gift is a gift, a little something to say you’ve been on someones mind.

Sofia Ruutu OOTD

I don’t mind when it rains. I never carry an umbrella with me. A little water never hurt nobody.

My least favorite hashtags are #foodporn and #nomnomnom and #friyay.

I have a love-hate relationship with oatmeal. I’ve just started to eat it again for breakfast with a side of cottage cheese and jam.

I am very uncomfortable giving interviews and I never talk about my personal life, so last spring I made a decision to not give any more interviews, at least for some time forward. What do I get out of it? Headlines I have no control over trying to put me in some kind of light that will sell magazines.

My favorite animal has always been and still is the penguin. One of my all time favorite movie is the “march of the penguins”. It’s all about survival and it’s rather harsh, but it shows beauty in simplicity and reminds me of what life is really all about.

I don’t eat any fruit candy (only chocolate and sometimes but rather rarely liquorice), simply because I don’t like it.

When I’m at home, I sing constantly.

I am and have always been very good at nurturing my friendships. I ALWAYS find time to see my friends and talk to them in one way or another, no matter what I’m doing and where I am in the world. No boyfriends, honeymoon phases, jobs or time differences are an excuse to me!

I am a nail biter in recovery.

Exercise is therapy to me, only cheaper.

Before I became a mother nothing could make me cry. Now I tear up every day.

I wear glasses most of the time.

I have noticed that only friends that I could eat a dinner with naked ( in theory ;D), are the people I want to spend time with and the friends that have stuck around from one year to another! My friends know everything about me and I want to be comfortable, expose everything and just be myself around them.

Sofia Ruutu OOTD
I am terrible at math.

I always read magazines starting from the back, Japanese style.

I never wear skin colored pantyhose since I really dislike them. I don’t care if it’s freezing cold outside I’d still rather be bare legged.

The best thing I know is getting a scalp massage from a hair dresser. If they cheat I won’t go back. Harsh but true.

Fine dining is so not my thing. It mostly makes me irritated, restless and hungry.

I can’t live without my tongue scraper! I’ve used it as long as I can remember, every day twice a day.

Chipotle mexican grill is my all time favorite fast food chain. When I’m in the States I can easily eat all of my meals there! We even have the Chipotle app!

If I could re-live a time of my life I would do my stay in Japan all over again. I was modeling there for three months and during those three months I become a whole new person and had the most amazing experiences.

I value great service a lot but I like it to be casual and relaxed. 5 star resort service with people at your service 24/7 mostly make me uncomfortable.

I’m afraid of spiders. Silly but true.

I usually keep my phone on mute. I can’t stand the thought of always being reachable at all time so I prefer to choose when to take calls and when not. I’m also extremely slow and bad at texting, which is something my friends don’t appreciate since I quite often “forget” to answer :/. So sorry about that (shame on me) !


Pictures by Dora Dalila