here we go again

Outfit,16 February 2015

Tired is the word of today. Yap, yet another rough night behind us and I’m starting to think that someone must be testing our strengths. Thankfully it’s been sunny outside and I find it so interesting every time how much happiness and extra energy only the weather brings. Sunshine has never been as important to me as this year with way too much lack of sleep. Another bonus is of course that I can cover my dark circles under my eyes with a pair of Ray bans ;).

Today I’ve taking it rather easy and finally we went shopping for a carpet for Greta’s room. I’m embarrassed to say that her room is far from done. I want to take my time while decorating and now I think we might have found a great carpet for her room. Now I just have to decide which color to choose. Oh decisions…

Here is today’s outfit snapped outside the carpet store ;). Have a good night lovelies <3.



coat mango// jeans acne// boots zara// bag chanel// sunglasses ray ban