Valentine’s day

Outfit,personal,14 February 2015

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Happy heart day to all of you lovely people! I hope your are busy celebrating your love for either your special someone, friends or family. Love is worth celebrating every single day but can easily be forgotten and taken for granted in the middle of every day life. On that note I actually prefer the love we take for “granted”.

I don’t mean that we shouldn’t appreciate the people who love us and whom we love, because we totally should but we should also be able to feel safe with our loved ones. I am lucky to know that I have a husband, a few friends and family members who love me for me. All of me. Even those things I can’t love about myself and qualities that aren’t always that charming. I am imperfect and so is everyone else, that’s what makes us so interesting and unique. I am also thankful to have so many people that I love with all of my heart, because feeling love is the reason I live. Might sound like a cliche´ but what would life be without the feeling you get when your heart is about to burst?

Thanks to the people I’m lucky to have around me I feel safe enough to make mistakes, mess up, change my mind and have bad days without having to question wether they’ll still be there for me. Sometimes we give and sometimes we take and I know I want my friends and family to always trust me to be there for them without judgement when it’s their turn to take.

That’s what real love is all about to me and that’s exactly what I want to celebrate on such a meaningful day like today. Or why not any day ;)?

Love <3

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jacket mission// dress zara (old from children’s department ;))// boots hm trend// bag prada

Pictures By Dora Dalila (get to her blogs here and here)