Breath taking

Outfit,12 March 2015

This day has been so gorgeous! I was so happy sporting my new crisp white sneakers on clean streets with the sun shining in my face. Everything has been perfect except the fact that my little one is sick with a high fever once again. Last week it was hubby and now her :(. Luckily I’ve stayed well (knock on wood) and I can’t even remember the last time I was sick.


I found these good old wide legged jeans in the drawer yesterday and I can’t even tell you how comfortable they are compared to the super tight ( I like them incredibly tight and uncomfortable) skinny jeans I usually wear. The only con is that they are a little too short to wear with heels so I think I need to find myself a new pair after all. One thing is for sure though, I am so excited to be able to breath a little in my jeans! I think I’m gonna make it the new standard and requirement :).

Hope your day has been exciting so far!


coat zara// jeans old// sneakers vans// sunglasses rayban


Cashmere love vol 2

Outfit,30 November 2014

I’ve had a really relaxing yet fun weekend. Yesterday we went for afternoon tea and even Greta enjoyed it very much and behaved like a real lady:). I have even started to accept the fact that christmas is coming soon. Now I’ve gone all in planning christmas presents and I even think I’ll hang up my glittery christmas light star in the window tomorrow:).

I know I’ve worn this Santosh cashmere sweater a lot lately but I simply can’t help myself. It’s so soft and it feels luxurious and warm. I am extremely sensitive to itchy fabrics which is why cashmere is the solution for me to stay warm. This particular one isn’t the softest one but after wearing it for a while my skin get’s used to it and it feels nice and soft. If you want to read about another cashmere love story click here! 

Have a great night<3!


knit santosh// skirt and boots zara// bag chanel// beanie cos