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Beauty,6 July 2017

In collaboration with Dermalogica// Kaupallinen yhteistyö Dermalogican kanssa


Although I have quite unproblematic skin I still occasionally suffer from skin problems. It isn’t necessarily visible on the outside but how I feel and experience my own skin differs quite drastically. Also, I have to be honest that I haven’t slept well for years now. The lack of sleep has made my face look dull and signs of aging more visible. It’s ok I know, it’s just a phase. However, along life I’ve learned and experienced how big of a role well routined skin care plays.

My skin is extremely sensitive to weather, hormones, traveling, new products, stress, food, sleep. Even though it rarely goes really bad I still find it a bit untrustworthy. This time I wanted to get rid of uneven skin in my forehead, around my nose and chin. These are my areas that usually get impurities while the rest of my face gets ridiculously dry. I decided to return to Dermalogica which products I used when I was younger and helped me tremendously.


Vaikka ihoni ei yleensä temppuile, taistelen kuitenkin aina välillä ihoongelmien kanssa. Ihoni on todella herkkä ja reagoi helposti hormonivaihteluihin, matkustamiseen, sääolosuihteisiin, uusiin kosmetiikkatuotteisiin, stressiin ja elämäntapoihin. Ja jos totta puhutaan, unenlaatuni on ollut jo pitkään todella heikkoa. Halusin ottaa uudelleen käyttööni Dermalogican -tuotteita, sillä ihoni tuntui väsyneltä ja halusin päästä epäpuhtauksista eroon. Dermalogica on minulle tuttu ihonhoitomerkki nuoruudestani, jolloin käytin sitä säännöllisesti.

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First I booked a Face Mapping consultation to see where my skin is at today. I’m quite good at knowing my own skin by now but since my life situation and hormone levels keep changing I felt like starting fresh. I got my personalized skin care recipe and I ditched all my old products to give it a fair chance. I’m currently using 6-7 products every morning and night and additionally a face mask and my personal favorite the Daily Microfoliant. This product is miraculous and the reason why I remembered and returned to Dermalogica. I believe in removing dead skin cells extremely gently to give good skin care products a chance to become active on the skin. This is pretty much the only microfoliant I dear to use because it’s perfectly gentle for my sensitive skin.


Koska ihoni on muuttunut jonkin verran vuosien varrella, halusin aloittaa puhtaalta pöydältä ja päätin käydä Face Mapping  -konsultaatiossa. Kosmetologi teki ihoanalyysin ja ohjelman,  jonka mukaan voin hoitaa ihoani kotona. Tällä hetkellä käytän yhteensä 9:ää tuotetta,  joista 6-7:ää tuotetta käytän aamuin-illoin. Lempituotteeni on ollut jo vuosien takaa Daily Microfoliant kuorinta, joka on super hellävarainen, mutta minulle todella tehokas tuote. Uskon, että ihoa pitää käsitellä todella hellävaraisesti ja on hyvä kuoria pois kuolleita ihosoluja ja muita epäpuhtauksia, jotta aineet toimisivat tehokkaasti. Tämä tuote on huippu päivittäiseen käyttöön myös minun todella herkälle iholleni.

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Here is my individualized recipe. I thought it was going to be complicated to remember, but since I love skin care and have been taking good care of my skin since forever I learned my new routine super quick. Taking care of my skin is how I start and end my day. Just as crucial as brushing my teeth.

PreCleanse (night)

UltraCalming Cleanser (morning and night)

UltraCalming Mist (mornign, day and night)

UltraSmoothing Eye Serum (morning and night)

UltraSmoothing Serum Concetrate (morning and night)

SkinSmoothing Cream (morning and night)

MultiVitamin Recovery Mask (3-4 times/ week)

Daily Microfoliant (3-4 times/ week)

SkinPerfect Primer (morning)

My favorite products besides from the Daily Microfoliant is the UltraCalming Mist. I spray every time I pass the bottle and it’s the perfect way to refresh, provide moisture, protect and calm down irritation, redness, sensitiveness and inflammation in the middle of the day. The small bottle would be perfect on the flight!

The SkinPerfect Primer is a super smoothing, correcting and pearly primer with SPF. Perfectly enough for those good skin days when all you want to do is flaunt your skin and not cover up in makeup. I love this product and use it everyday for protection and a smoothing and nourishing base.

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I have been using these products for some weeks and I’m beginning to see a big change. My skin has pretty much cleared up and I’ve gotten familiar with the products. What I love the most is how effective and sufficient they are! No need to wait for the serum to sink in before I can apply the cream and only a tiny bit of product is needed. My skin gets what it needs with no leftovers. Although it might sound like many products to get though it seriously takes me a short minute and I haven’t felt the need to wear makeup 90% of the time.


Yläpuolella listattuna ja käyttöjärjestyksessä kaikki iholleni ja elämäntilanteeseeni sopivat tuotteet joita tällä hetkellä käytän. Vaikka tuotteita on suhteellisen paljon, ihonhoitorutiiniini ei mene kuin pari minuuttia, sillä tuotteet imeytyvät todella nopeasti ja ovat lisäksi todella riittoisia.

Lempituotteeni Daily Microfoliantin lisäksi ovat UltraCalming mist ja SkinPerfect Primer. Suihkutettava kasvovesi on ihanan raikastava sumute joka suojaa, kosteuttaa ja rauhoittaa punoittavaa, tulehtunutta, ärsyyntynyttä ja herkkää ihoa. 

SkinPerfect Primer on ihanan kuulas ja siloittava primer, joka auringonsuojan lisäksi napakoittaa ihoa ja stimuloi kollageenin tuotantoa. Täydellinen tuote itsessään hyvänä ihopäivänä, mutta myös pohjustuksena meikin alla.

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I like it smooth

Beauty,Health,13 July 2015

Finally! I’ve been waiting to test this super cool velvet smooth diamond electronic foot roll from Scholl for a time that feels like a short eternity. It’s the perfect tool for an express pedicure at home, and much more inexpensive than visiting a salon.  When I first saw this product on tv my only thought was; why has no one thought of this genius idea earlier? I mean who has time to sit and file by hand anymore? It takes forever at least for us with feet like mine.

It’s almost unnecessary to say that I’m very happy with the result and really enjoyed giving my feet a little extra care and love in front of an episode of orange is the new black last night.

Sofia Ruutu OOTD VEETSofia Ruutu OOTD VEET

To complete my smoothness I also got to test Veet easy wax. Waxing is perfect before going on vacation and gives a much smoother result that lasts way longer than shaving. This wax was super easy and handy to use since you don’t need to do anything else but heat up one portion of wax, apply it on the chosen area and then rip off the cooled off and stiffened stripe of wax. Super easy, not messy, yet effective. Thumbs up for that!

Sofia Ruutu OOTD VEETSofia Ruutu OOTD VEET

Now I”m ready for the heat to come, walk around in short shorts and run around bare foot without having to worry about nasty legs and feet ;). I like to be smooth, smooth, smooth!

Sofia Ruutu OOTD VEET

Pictures by Dora Dalila

*Blogpost in collaboration with Scholl & Veet