white mohair

Outfit,26 December 2014

Good morning! I hope your christmas has been magical so far. Today I’m gonna go for a long walk in the snow all by myself, before it’s time for yet another family meal. How lucky we are to have gotten a white christmas after all.

These pictures were taken last week when the streets were still dry. I have always been a fan of chunky knits and I especially love the extra fluffy ones. The only con is that I am super sensitive to itchy clothing, which makes mohair a nightmare for my skin. When it comes to this particular cardigan I’ve decided to just “screw” itchy and suffer a little instead ;). It’s not always all about comfy to me. Life is too short to always be comfortable. I mean have you seen my footwear ;P?


knit hm// cami& bag zara// jeans acne// shoes louboutin// earrings chanel// sunglasses rayban