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With both children I’ve started to provide them with D-vitamines at two weeks old. The recommendation in Finland is to give 10 micrograms per day all around the year and that is the dosage I follow. Gabriel has suffered from stomach pain already from start. So I was a bit nervous over how he would react to the vitamins. Since I knew this collaboration with Verman was coming up I started to introduce their renewed Minisun vitamin D3 drops containing extra virgin olive oil. I started slowly by giving him 2 drops the first day, the second day I gave 3 and continued until the recommended amount of 5 drops per day was reached. I haven’t noticed his belly getting worse, which has been a huge relief.

What I find really easy, helpful and great about this little jar is the dosage dropper. It makes it a lot easier to either give the drops straight into the mouth or on a spoon. I find it very important to make a routine out of giving my children their vitamins which is why our entire family starts the day by taking them together. I still take pregnancy vitamins, calcium with D-vitamins and added D-vitamins on top of that. I believe it is the secret to not catch those terrible colds and stay energetic and happy. They are my so called happy pills ;). Gabriel gets his drops along with his first meal of the day. I want it to become a habit so it’s not as easily forgotten.

D-vitamins are very important for the bones, immune system and has been attached to improved muscle recovery. It helps the body to absorb calcium which is crucial to strong and healthy bones. It is also the only vitamin that breast milk can not provide for the baby and since we do not get sunlight as much as needed added D-vitamins are important.

I also give Gabriel Rela drops as a relief to his stomach. They have been really helpful and it’s already gotten a lot better. I will post a separate post going more into depth regarding the drops and how they have helped us.

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baby G

baby,personal,15 February 2016
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Our family just stumbled inside the door happy, somewhat exhausted and satisfied from our long weekend spent in Stockholm. I am a bit obsessed with Stockholm. The beauty I see everywhere in that city is beyond real. Everyone looks awesome (!), the buildings are gorgeous and the restaurants are so cozy and trendy. The all around atmosphere makes me happy.

Since my husband was on a work trip I spent quite some time alone with the kids. Luckily I have friends living in Stockholm with whom I finally got to spend some quality time. Loved being able to get out, sit in nice cafe’s and restaurants and just catch up. I even managed to get some shopping done (in actual shops not over the internet!). My friends are golden and I should make it a habit to arrange more time with them.

Since it was baby G’s first trip abroad we had to get him a passport. It should be illegal to try to take passport pictures of a two week old but I guess it will become a funny memory to look back on :). Baby G now has a full name.

Gabriel Kim Wilhelm Ruutu 

Pictures by Janita Autio