Advice from a health coach

Health,8 December 2014

Today I’ve been at home taking care of errands. I finally made all of those important phone calls I’ve been procrastinating. I literally haven’t stepped outside the door ye,t but I’m secretly dreaming of a quick walk later. I hate going to bed at night if I haven’t got enough fresh air during the day. I need to spend time outdoors every day to feel good.

Fresh air must be one of my biggest beauty advice. It’s not only good both mentally and physically, but it gives the skin a certain glow. I know I look my very best after a good night sleep and a long walk in crisp fresh air. The first thing I always advice my health coaching clients who are not to keen on exercising, is to start walking.

My goal for the week is to walk for at least 45 minutes every day. Who’s with me ;)?



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