Taco Thursday

Fashion,7 November 2019

Feeling quite satisfied to sit here munching on carrots, cheese and crackers while feeling pleased about not having to worry about snapping pictures outside.  I have a good stack of material from Paris that I’ll be dropping along this challenging month. I take the freedom to talk for all Finnish fashion bloggers when I say that November is the most difficult time to create any content. It’s dark all the time, cold and grey. Also, this month (at last for me) is always the busiest.

Yesterday I was part of the Giambattista Valli x H&M Project arranged at Vanha. We were a group of four who got to dress up and glam up for the evening. Since I love fashion, these events that are very extra always feel like dreams come true. Especially when I get to be there with friends.

We’re also getting more and more emotionally involved with another project -the apartment. My Pinterest boards are so big I get lost myself and caught myself pinning the same images several times.

Right now, I’m awaiting friends, kids and my own kids to get home for a taco dinner. After that, I’m taking them to the apartment to get a second opinion to our thoughts.

Other than being occupied with our new home and life in general, I’m feeling pleased to say that taking a month off from school (not planned but just happened) has done me very well. I feel more relaxed about these busy weeks ahead, and like it’s easier to separate my free time from work.

Now, tacos!

knit Cos// jeans Totem// shoes Celine// bag Louis Vuitton

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