sun sea and double brekkie

Fashion,Outfit,20 September 2016

Is it weird that I suddenly got an urge to paint my bedroom walls dark grey? I have to stop looking at my home with critical eyes, because I need to learn to relax and enjoy the beautiful home we’ve built for ourselves. Anyways, dark walls and light grey curtains are my main cravings right now. Among many other fashion related items of course ;). Thankfully I’ve learned to let some cravings pass without taking action.

Today I’m about to enjoy a sunny walk combined with a good cup of coffee and breakfast by the sea. Although, I can’t help myself from cheating and eat breakfast before breakfast, since I simply can’t leave the house on an empty stomach. Gabriel sleeps so well outdoors, which is the best motivator for me to get these legs moving. Fresh air is good for everyone. Nothing is as refreshing as an active power walk and it’s  also one of my favorite beautifying routines. Rosy cheeks and a peaceful mind does wonders. Have a lovely sunny day!

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Pictures by Janita Autio


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