Fashion,3 July 2019

Ciao Ciao, guess who’s coming to town? I’m on the train alone and getting more work done in 15 minutes than I have in 2 weeks! Holy moly how effective I can be when I need to. Today I’m picking up 6 packages just on the way home from the train, shooting three upcoming collaborations, take care of my accounting and hang out with the best friends in the world! I’m beyond excited. I seriously have butterflies in my tummy. For tomorrow I’ve already booked a breakfast with another friend of mine, followed by an eye specialist appointment and then I’m going to shoot a bit more. I wish I could work like this forever. Maximize the input for a couple of days and then just relax with the family.

Speaking of work, I had an interesting discussion with one of my friends the other day. She had just finished a tough and not a very fun work day, which reminded me of all the shitty jobs I’ve done in the past. I’m extremely grateful for those jobs even tho they were tough right there and then. I’ve had to work with people that have acted wrong and that I’ve disliked deeply. I’ve worked for free for days and weeks and under unfair conditions that were not and are not ok. However, those days and years thought me so much about work moral, to appreciate what I have today and the fact that I can choose. Most importantly, this time made me find my own voice and set limits for myself. Today, I know my rights, I’m not afraid to negotiate, to speak up, stand up for myself, walk away, admit and understand mistakes and to fail and start over. I feel confident in my work and also to try new things and areas. This confidence has only come from practicing for years because after all, I’ve worked with so many different people, travelled the world alone and found myself in all kinds of situations ever since I was 15.

Saying this, I think it’s important to be grateful for our work experiences but not be afraid to take control and responsibility over your own work life. Gather experience, self-confidence, trust and respect so that you have faith in yourself. After all, the most successful are those who aren’t afraid to try and put a lot of time and effort into it – whatever it may be. Do you agree?

dress Katri Niskanen// shoes Mango//bag Louis Vuitton// earrings Alighieri

Pictures: Janita Autio

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