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Fashion,Outfit,5 July 2018

Paris was perfect, but now I’m back home and that feels good too. Today I’m catching up with work, but later on, I’m going to spoil myself with a massage before the kids come back home from the cabin. My legs are aching and so is my neck. It will do me good to work on my body and get back to my yoga routine again.

When it comes to Paris, I thought I’d gather a list of the most noticeable trends regarding street style. Because it was fashion week, the streets were full of amazingly dressed people. However, it’s Paris, so seeing someone wear a tulle gown from Dior in the middle of the day is not a rare sight whether it’s fashion week or not. This list focuses on the Parisians on their way to work and going out for dinner, not so much visitors from other countries.

Brand less “granny” bags. Think of the mom of Muumin. Of course, the bags are not inexpensive just because they aren’t flashy logo designer bags, but they are more discrete handbags carried on the forearm. Think Céline Clasp handbag and you’ll get the idea. I love it! Functional cross body bags we Finns love so much was clearly not as popular as top handle bags.

 Heels, especially heeled espadrilles’. Every time I visit Paris during the summer this trend is visible. It’s easy, chic and timeless. Practicality and comfort is clearly not priority. The street style in Paris is elegant and very feminine. Lots of dresses and skirts for women and less baggy fits.

 The white shirt. If you are a Parisian over 45 and wear a midi skirt for work, pairing it with a white well fitted crisp shirt seems like the only option. Forget oversized styles effortlessly tucked in. Instead, think well ironed, tailored and simple. Longer skirts paired with a shirt and heels was for sure a repeated sight.

 No makeup. Absolutely no contouring, visible layers of foundation, smoky eyes or even fake eyelashes. Very natural makeup. This amaze and impress me every time. I love the idea of wearing dressy clothes paired with a nude face and untouched hair. That instantly gives an impression of good self-confidence. The natural look is for sure still very Paris. No signs of botox, fillers and plastic surgery. I’m not saying they don’t do it, but the “done” look is not a trend like it is in some other places.

 No one in Paris wore eyeglasses! What’s that about?

 All in all, the street style is much more dressed up. In all ages. Older men and women really make an effort! Just as much as the younger generations. No one shop groceries in sweat pants and the sloppy look almost doesn’t exist. It’s nice, but of course it’s more work. I love sloppy and I love elegance. The mix between the two is perfect for me and the freedom to choose without feeling pressure. What’s your opinion? Do you agree with my list or no?

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  • Lisa

    Sofia, I think you caught the essence of Paris at least the same way as I do. Actually the essence of French in general.
    French women pay attention to skin care a lot. They’d rather invest in a facial / good quality cream than decorative cosmetics. I love shopping in French pharmacy, I buy all my cosmetics from parapharmacie online if I run out of my products and not going to France soon enough.
    I also think no-one else looks as good as French in black and simple white shirt. How many times I’ve seen an evening outfit constituting of a white collar shirt and a dressy skirt. And I have used this hack as well – numerous times.
    French style is about respect to yourself and personality without being too flashy like Italians are. it is about the way they express themselves too. Check noisy restaurant in Italy and discreet cafe in Paris where people sit observing others and speaking in a low voice.
    I go to France every summer and I just can’t live without it. :)

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